Hello you, my dearest Internet traveller!

I know that you are in a hurry and I am already sending you my many thanks for reading this text and staying for so long. Sorry for the ads. I do hate ads and for this reason I need them now here. Not so much for the money, but for some experience with Google tools and some experiments I am doing with myself. Currently, I am watching/following ads in order to make my Internet traveling more interesting.


Welcome to my dükkân! This is a project in progress, I cannot tell you what you gonna find here. I cannot even tell you who am I because many things are changing really fast. There are tracks on the Internet who is the real person behind this place, I am not gonna waste pixels on that matter. I am not so much into writing and English is a second language for me. Though I have graduated a British university (both bachelor and master), please, accept my apologies for not being that interested in this language. However, I do enjoy trying to imitate a British accent, how do you do; yes, tea, please.

Stay tuned for what is ahead. The dukkan has its Discord place and you are totally invited there if you are up for un adventure. Meet the pexies and follow the project’s life.

Nice meeting you! Get yourself the luck you deserve and may the mystery be with you!

All the regards!
@Titaness Rhea